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Joseph Agnello
Firefighter Joseph Agnello
Brian Ahearn
Lieutenant Brian Ahearn
Joseph Angelini
Firefighter Joseph J Angelini, Jr
Ladder 4, NYFD
Joseph Angelini
Firefighter Joseph Angelini
Carl Asaro
Firefighter Carl F. Asaro
Gerard Barbara
Assistant Chief Gerard A. Barbara
Matthew Barnes
Firefighter Matthew Barnes
Arthur Barry
Firefighter Arthur T. Barry
Steven Bates
Lieutenant Steven J. Bates
Carl Bedigian
Lieutenant Carl Bedigian
John Bergin
Firefighter John P. Bergin
Paul Beyer
Firefighter Paul M. Beyer
Brian Bilcher
Firefighter Brian Bilcher
Christopher Blackwell
Firefighter Christopher J. Blackwell
Michael Bocchino
Firefighter Michael L. Bocchino
Frank Bonomo
Firefighter Frank J. Bonomo
Michael Boyle
Firefighter Michael Boyle
Michael Brennan
Firefighter Michael Brennan
Engine 54, NYFD
Patrick Brown
Captain Patrick Brown
Andrew Brunn
Firefighter Andrew Brunn
Ronald Bucca
Fire Marshal Ronald Bucca
Gregory Buck
Firefighter Gregory Buck
Donald Burns
Assistant Chief Donald J. Burns
Thomas Butler
Firefighter Thomas M. Butler
George Cain
Firefighter George Cain
Battalion 8, Ladder 7, New York City Fire Department
Brian Cannizzaro
Firefighter Brian Cannizzaro
Michael Carlo
Firefighter Michael Carlo
Peter Carroll
Firefighter Peter Joseph Carroll
Thomas Casoria
Firefighter (FDNY) Thomas Anthony Casoria
John Chipura
Eagle Scout, Marine, NYPD, FDNY John G. Chipura
Michael Clarke
Firefighter Michael J. Clarke
John Collins
Firefighter John M. Collins
Robert Cordice
Firefighter Robert J. Cordice
James Coyle
Firefighter James Raymond Coyle
John Crisci
Lieutenant John A. Crisci
Dennis Cross
Deputy Chief Dennis A. Cross
Michael D
Firefighter Michael D'Auria
Thomas DeAngelis
Battalion Chief Thomas P. DeAngelis
Manuel Del Valle
Lieutenant Manuel Del Valle
Gerard Dewan
Firefighter Gerard Dewan
Raymond Downey
Deputy Chief Raymond Downey
Martin Egan, Jr.
Captain Martin Egan, Jr.
Frankie Esposito
Firefighter Frankie Esposito
Michael Esposito
Lieutenant Michael Esposito
Thomas Farino
Battalion Chief Thomas Farino
Lee Fehling
Firefighter Lee Fehling
Alan Feinberg
Firefighter Alan D Feinberg
9th Battalion, NYFD
Michael Fiore
Firefighter Michael C. Fiore
John Florio
Firefighter John J. Florio
Thomas Foley
Firefighter Thomas J Foley
Robert Foti
Firefighter Robert Joseph Foti
Peter Ganci
Chief of Department Peter J. Ganci, Jr.
Bruce Gary
Firefighter, FDNY Bruce Henry Gary
Edward Geraghty
Deputy Chief Edward Geraghty
Denis Germain
Firefighter Denis P. Germain
Vincent Giammona
Captain Vincent Giammona
Ronnie Gies
Lieutenant Ronnie Gies
Paul Gill
Firefighter Paul J Gill
Engine 54, NYFD
John Ginley
Lieutenant John F. Ginley
Jeffrey Giordano
Firefighter Jeffrey Giordano
Keith Glascoe
Firefighter Keith Glascoe
James Gray
Firefighter James M. Gray
José Guadalupe
Firefighter José A Guadalupe
Engine 54, NYFD
David Halderman
Lieutenant David Halderman
Tedmund Hall
Fire Capt Tedmund Hall
Los Angeles County Fire Department
Vincent Halloran
Lieutenant Vincent Halloran
Michael Haub
Firefighter Michael Haub
Engine 54, NYFD
Joseph Henry
FDNY Firefighter Joseph Henry
William Henry
Firefighter William L. Henry
Timothy Higgins
Lieutenant Timothy B. Higgins
Frederick Ill
Captain Frederick J. Ill, Jr.
William Johnston
Firefighter William R. Johnston
Andrew Jordan
Firefighter Andrew B. Jordan
Thomas Kelly
Firefighter Thomas W. Kelly
Thomas Kennedy
FDNY Firefighter Thomas J Kennedy
Robert King Jr.
Firefighter Robert King Jr.
Neil Leavy
Firefighter Neil Leavy
Carlos Lillo
Paramedic Carlos R. Lillo
Michael Lynch
Firefighter Michael F Lynch
Ladder 4, NYFD
Joseph Maffeo
Firefighter Joseph Maffeo
John Marshall
Firefighter John D. Marshall
Paul Martini
Lieutenant Paul R. Martini
Joseph Mascali
Firefighter Joseph A. Mascali
John McAvoy
Firefighter John Kevin McAvoy
Dennis McHugh
Firefighter Dennis P. McHugh
Robert McMahon
Firefighter Robert Dismas McMahon
Martin McWilliams
Firefighter Martin McWilliams
Douglas Miller
Firefighter Douglas Miller
Henry Miller
Firefighter Henry Miller, Jr
Thomas Mingione
Firefighter Thomas Mingione
Dennis Mojica
Lieutenant Dennis Mojica
Carl Molinaro
Firefighter Carl Eugene Molinaro
New York City Fire Department
Vincent Morello
Firefighter Vincent Morello
Richard Muldowney
Firefighter Richard T. Muldowney
Raymond Murphy
LT. Ladder 16 FDNY Raymond Murphy
Gerard Nevins
Firefighter Gerard Nevins
Daniel O
Lieutenant Daniel O'Callaghan
Ladder 4, NYFD
Thomas O
Lieutenant Thomas O'Hagan
Samuel Oitice
Firefighter Samuel P Oitice
Engine 54, NYFD
Robert Parro
Firefighter Robert Parro
Glenn Perry
Lieutenant Glenn C. Perry
Philip Petti
Lieutenant Philip S. Petti
Kenneth Phelan
Lieutenant Kenneth J. Phelan, Sr.
Shawn Powell
Firefighter Shawn Powell
Vincent Princiotta
Firefighter Vincent A. Princiotta
Kevin Prior
Firefighter Kevin M. Prior
Lincoln Quappe
Firefighter Lincoln Quappe
Michael Quilty
Lieutenant Michael T. Quilty
Leonard Ragaglia
Firefighter Leonard J Ragaglia
Engine 54, NYFD
Michael Ragusa
Firefighter Michael Paul Ragusa
Adam Rand
Firefighter Adam Rand
Robert Regan
Lieutenant Robert Regan
Kevin Reilly
Firefighter Kevin O. Reilly
Jim Riches
Firefighter Jim Riches
New York City Fire Department
Michael Roberts
Firefighter Michael Edward Roberts
Michael Roberts
Firefighter Michael E. Roberts
Stephen Russell
Firefighter Stephen P. Russell
Christopher Santora
Firefighter Christopher Santora
Engine 54, NYFD
Fred Scheffold
Battalion Chief Fred C. Scheffold
Thomas Schoales
Firefighter FDNY Thomas Gerard Schoales
Gerard Schrang
Firefighter Gerard P. Schrang
Robert Spear
Firefighter Robert Spear, Jr.
Gregory Stajk
Firefighter Gregory Stajk
Jeffrey Stark
Firefighter Jeffrey Stark
Daniel Suhr
Firefighter Daniel Thomas Suhr
Christopher Sullivan
Lt Christopher Sullivan
Sean Tallon
Firefighter Sean Tallon
John Tierney
Firefighter John Tierney
John Tipping
Firefighter John J Tipping, II
Ladder 4, NYFD
Richard Van Hine
Firefighter Richard Bruce Van Hine
John Vigiano
Firefighter John T. Vigiano, II
Lawrence Virgilio
Firefighter Lawrence Virgilio
Robert Wallace
Lieutenant Robert F. Wallace
Kenneth Watson
Firefighter Kenneth Thomas Watson
Michael Weinberg
Firefighter Michael Thomas Weinberg
David Weiss
Firefighter David M. Weiss
Eugene Whelan
Firefighter Eugene Whelan
David Wooley
Captain David T Wooley
Ladder 4, NYFD
Raymond York
Firefighter Raymond York


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