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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your tax-exempt (Non Profit) number? 27-0700063
  2. What is the cost for a portrait in case we want to donate an exact amount to cover one portrait? The exact cost varies with each portrait and we have many in-kind contributions that cover a portion of each portraits cost. The actual out-of-pocket cost to Hero Portraits is approximately $300 per 20x24 portrait.
  3. Who paints your portraits? Hero Portraits is very closely affiliated with The owners of Oil Portraits are the Lynn's who started the non-profit Hero Portraits in 2009 as a way to honor those heroes around us everyday. Through this relationship, Oil Portraits handles all production of the portraits including painting, packaging, quality control, and shipping. Plus Oil Portraits donates a significant portion of the cost of every portrait donated to a family.
  4. Is this a way for Oil Portraits to make a profit via Hero Portraits? On the contrary, the Lynn's have contributed all start-up funds and are contributing all portraits at cost as their way of supporting our heroes. The Board of Directors monitor and approve all agreements related to all products being donated by Hero Portraits.
  5. Where are your artists located? Oil Portraits has a vast infrastructure of master artists around the world. These locations vary from the US, Europe, Eastern Europe, the Far East, and other locations. In addition, projects are underway with several US Art Colleges and Universities to offer US Students Portrait classes so more US artists, especially students, will be able to contribute to the project.
  6. What is your process in determining who is eligible for a free portrait? Please refer to the section “The Process”, where this is explained in detail.
  7. Is it possible to receive more than one free portrait of the same Hero? Unfortunately Hero Portraits is only able to donate one per application. Additional portraits may be purchased under the Hero Store.
  8. How many Hero Portraits can you produce per month? This varies based on many factors including Sponsor funding, artists under contract, and related issues. As an average approximately 250 per month can presently be supplied.
  9. How long does it take to receive the portrait once the application has been approved? Normal delivery is 12 weeks, but this can vary based on volume and other factors.
  10. What other projects does Hero Portraits plan for the future? This is frequently discussed, but at this time there are 2 projects under discussion. One is a “Wall of Heroes” where a marble tile with a copy of the portrait printed on it will be displayed. The second possible project will be Camp Hero. This will be where children of Heroes will be able to come for a week summer camp. Both of these are subject to adequate funding and related issues.
  11. How is the application process monitored? The Board of Directors manages the non-profit, and a strict application process is described under “The Process” section.
  12. How do you manage what is posted with each portrait? All information posted, is done so by the staff of Hero Portraits, after it has been confirmed that the information being posted was indeed from the family of the hero.
  13. How can I volunteer my services to Hero Portraits? Please refer to the “Get Involved” tab to register as a volunteer.
  14. Can we specify a specific name be associated to a donation? Yes you can and this will be posted on the Donor Wall of Heroes. This does not mean that this person to whom the funds are being specified will automatically be accepted for a free portrait.
  15. How much of the proceeds from items bought at the Hero Store go towards providing free Hero Portraits? 100% of the net proceeds from every sale goes directly towards all portraits.
  16. Can you accept airline miles as a donation? Yes. Please email us and we will assist in arranging the transfer.
  17. Who do we contact about our Company holding a fundraising event or becoming a Sponsor? Please call Darrell Lynn at 678-296-8624 or email him at Darrell@HeroPortraits.ORG.
  18. Can more than 1 Hero be painted in a portrait? For example, if someone is killed in action can the requested Portrait be of the Hero and a spouse? As much as we would love to honor these request we must limit the Hero Portrait to one individual, the Hero. This is simply due to cost and to make the application process as streamlined as possible.
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