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Police and Law Enforcement

Christopher Amoroso
Officer Christopher C. Amoroso
Maurice Barry
Officer Maurice Barry
Kevin Blount
Tactical Flight Officer/ Observer Kevin Patrick Blount
Liam Callahan
Officer Liam Callahan
Robert Cirri
Lieutenant Robert D. Cirri, Sr.
John Cortazzo
K-9 Police Officer John M Cortazzo
Dave Crawford
Dpt Dave Crawford
Carroll County Sheriff’s Office
Clinton Davis
Officer Clinton Davis, Sr.
Donald Foreman
Officer Donald A. Foreman
Gregg Froehner
Officer Gregg John Froehner
Thomas Gorman
Officer Thomas Edward Gorman
Uhuru Houston
Officer Uhuru Gonja Houston
George Howard
Police Officer George Howard
Stephen Huczko
Officer Stephen Huczko, Jr.
Anthony Infante
Inspector Anthony Infante
Paul Jurgens
Officer Paul W. Jurgens
Robert Kaulfers
Sergeant Robert M. Kaulfers
Joseph Kievernagel
Dpt Joseph Kievernagel
Sacramento County Sheriff's Department
Paul Laszczynski
Officer Paul Laszczynski
David Lemagne
Officer David P. Lemagne
John Lennon
Officer John Lennon
J.D. Levi
Officer J.D. Levi
James Lynch
Officer James F. Lynch
Stephen Mayhle
Officer Stephen Mayhle
Pittsburgh Police Department
Kathy Mazza
Captain Kathy Mazza
Donald McIntyre
Officer Donald J. McIntyre
Thomas McMeekin
Patrolman Thomas J McMeekin, Jr.
Atlantic City, NJ Police Department
Walter McNeil
Officer Walter A. McNeil
Ferdinand Morrone
Director Ferdinand V. Morrone
Joseph Navas
Officer Joseph Navas
James Nelson
Officer James Nelson
Kieth Neuman
Patrolman Kieth Neuman
Essex County, NJ Police Department
Alfonse Niedermeyer
Officer Alfonse J. Niedermeyer, III
James Parham
Officer James W. Parham
Dominick Pezzulo
Officer Dominick Pezzulo
William Pressler
Officer William Pressler
Lakewood, NJ Police Department
Bruce Reynolds
Officer Bruce Reynolds
Antonio Rodrigues
Officer Antonio Jose' Rodrigues
Richard Rodriguez
Officer Richard Rodriguez
James Romito
Chief James Romito
Paul Sciullo
Officer Paul Sciullo
Pittsburgh Police Department
Sirius Sirius
K-9 Officer Sirius Sirius
John Skala
Police Officer John Pete Skala
Walwyn Stuart
Officer Walwyn W. Stuart, Jr.
Kenneth Tietjen
Officer Kenneth Tietjen
Joseph Vigiano
Detective Joseph V. Vigiano
Nathaniel Webb
Officer Nathaniel Webb
Michael Wholey
Officer Michael T. Wholey


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