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Firefighter Peter Joseph Carroll

Squad One

Firefighter Carroll's Act of Heroism

Peter was killed on 9/11 saving the lives of many people running out of the Towers, not once thinking of himself, but for the ones who were running for their own lives shocked and scared. There was a letter that was written to Peter's father from a woman who was saved from him. I will pass it along for all to see. This letter was written, 1 yr after his passing.
Dear Mr. Carroll
You dont know me. My name is Ruth Rossi. I'm writing because for over a
year i was searching for, and secretly hoping not to find, information
about the firefighter that i credit for saving my life on September
11, 2001. I wasnted to believe that somehow he got out of 2 World Trade.
But, this past weekend when i saw the picture of a firefighter in the
window of the small gas/grocery store on route 55 in neversink i knew
in my heart that my search was over.
I used to read the Portraits of Grief columns in the New York Times
every day and then i would continually check the New York Times
website. The picture of your son that appears in the Times is of a
happy, smiling man. I felt some recognition when i first saw it. I
thought that i must have met him somewhere at some time but i think i
could not make the connection because i could not get past the smiling
face. The man that i knew only briefly that day was a little older than
the firefighter in the photo at the store and he was not smiling but i believe
that firefighter was your son.
I remember the sadness in his eyes and the shape of his face and i will
never forget the sound of his voice and his left hand on my shoulder as
he turned me around and away from and in front of one of those windows
that faced the plaza. I knew him for only a few minutes but those
minutes had a profound impact on my life. I wanted you to know that on
that morning he was very confident and very calm. He knew i was frozen
in that spot and could not move, stopped by the sights that were
happening outside that window. I don't know for how long his hand was
on my left shoulder. I felt it and then heard the sound of his voice.
When i could finally focus on what he was saying, I heard him tell me
that i did not have to look out there. He told me not to be afraid and
that i would find my way out. And he kept repeating that to me. Idont
remember answering him. I only remember that as i started to walk away
i heard him reassuring the other people that were coming out of the
stairwells that they would get out. He was directing them to saftey.
I am sorry for theloss of your son. I know that i do not have the words
that can ease the pain in your heart. I thank god for him. I know that
if the man that i believe was your son was not there i would not have
gotten out, that i would not have been able to move away from that
window facing the plaza.
Two World Trade collapsed less than 10 minutes after i got out of the
Trade Center
When people ask me about that day, i tell them of the countless acts of
kindness and bravery that i witnessed, of people caring for total
strangers and i tell them of your son. you and your family will always
be in my prayers.

My Hero

Peter is the reason why his son, Michael, is now a Firefighter. He was his hero and mentor. As Michael says, "he had the coolest job in the world!". He was funny, loved to tell jokes and pulled many pranks. A hard worker for sure, he was a devoted family man and would work 10 jobs just to provide if he had to. Michael has followed his path!
His daughter Nicole was his only girl so with 4 boys, she was surely daddy's girl. Now a NYC teacher and mentor to her "school children" she carries the same strengths and values as taught by her dad. She is now married and is having a baby in November as her biggest fear has now become reality. Her father was not there to walk her down the isle and will never be around to experience all the joys of being a "grandpa" as his granddaughter grows up.....
He was taken way to early and way to young. You are truly, truly missed and so very loved! Sleep with the Angels and watch over us every day!


We're never ready to say goodbye
To someone we hold dear,
If it were up to us, dear Dad
We would always keep you here.
But God has reason's of His own
And plans we cannot know,
And these are always for our good
Though it may not always seem so.
Our arms are empty and our hearts
Are filled with tears and grief,
For we who loved each day with you
Now fine those days to brief.
Yet, if we can only Heaven see,
We'd know your happy there,
And we would never call you back
When such great joy you share.
And so we'll trust you to God's great care
And know some day, once more,
We'll hold you to our hearts again
When we reach Heaven's shore.
Love, Nicole and Michael


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