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LCPL Cody Steven Childers

2/6 Golf Co, 3rd platoon - Machinegunner
US Marine Corps

LCPL Childers's Act of Heroism

My son, LCPL Cody S Childers was deployed in June, 2010 to Afghanistan with 2/6. In July, he was injured in an IED explosion with a concusion, dislocated shoulder and shrappnal to face, hands and back. His sgt lost both of his legs and Cody even though injured help carry his best friend and sgt to the helicopter and they were both transported to Camp Dwyer. Cody was there for 4 days before insisting he be able to return to his unit. On August 20th, 2010 he was on foot patrol with is squad in Marjah Afghanistan and was killed in action by two gun shot wounds. He was awarded a purple heart. He is a true america hero. At age 19, he was living his dream as a US Marine and doing what he loved. He accomplished more in his short 19 years of life than most of us ever will. We are honoring him with a Memorial fund (applied for nonprofit status) where we have continued to send care packages to the Marines. As of today,we have packed 400 boxes for the marines and shipped. Our website is Thank you.

My Hero

My son, LCPL Cody S. Childers was a selfless and dedicated Marine. At 19, he had always wanted to be a Marine growing up and was living his dream. He knew the Marines were making a difference in Afghanistan and was so brave to risk his life everytime they went on daily multiple patrols. He loved defending and representing America. I will miss my son every day for the rest of my life and our lives will never be the same but I thank God that he allowed me to spend 19 wonderful years with him. He made such an impact on our family, everyone he met and even those who never had the pleasure of meeting him in person. He had a wonderful smile and could make anyone laugh. We have established a LCPL Cody S. Childers Memorial Fund ( in his honor and tribute to him. We have packed over 400 care packages since September and will continue for years to come. Thank you Cody for being an incredible son, Outstanding Marine and True Hero for all of America,


My son, LCPL Cody S. Childers was 19 and was living his dream of being a United States Marine. He loved his job and loved defending and representing America. I know he would have had a long and successful career in the Marines but God had another plan for Cody. He lived his life to the fullest and wasted not one second. Upon his death, we established a LCPL Cody S. Childers Memorial fund so that we could continue to send his brothers there care packages. You see, Family was #1 with Cody, he had a tattoo on his side saying just that "FAMILY" and the fellow Marines of 2/6 were his family. We have received over 75 letters from his fellow marines that served with him, and nothing but utmost praise for him and all say he is a true Hero. Cody had only been in the fleet for a little over 3 months before deployment to Afghanistan. One of my favorite quotes from his good friend, CPL Timothy Read was " He arrived to our unit ready for service, with PFC chevrons on his chest, sergeant rank in his mind, and power, wisdom, energy and drive in his heart." He described Cody so well. Cody was my son, my Marine, my Hero. Forever in my heart and I will miss him every second of everyday til I die and join him in heaven. RIP LCPL Cody S. Childers


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