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CCPL Josiah Wayne Hollopeter

US Army

CCPL Hollopeter's Act of Heroism

KIA in Iraq, while serving on a sniper team. He was killed by smalls arms fire.

My Hero

Our son, CPL Josiah Hollopeter was KIA while serving his country during IRAQI Freedom. He served on a sniper team. He was proud to be serving his country and believe in what he was doing to defend our country. He will be missed until forever.....we miss him, we love him we are proud of him. He was killed June 14, 2007.


CPL Josiah Hollopeter called home shortly after 9-11, and said "Mom I'm going to join the military." It wasn't until February of 2005 that he enlisted in the US Army. He went through boot camp at Ft Knox KY and was stationed at Ft Hood Texas. He was deployed October 3, 2006 to Iraq. He was with the 6-9 Armored Reconnaissance Squadron, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, First Cavalry Division. He served on a sniper team, something he was very proud of. They were on a mission......the last one before he was to come home on leave......when he was hit in cross fire during a small arms battle. He lived the "tough kid in town" image growing up, but had big heart. He love children and animals. He was always stepping in to take the "hit" for his friends. That is what happened June 14, 2007. His team was watching the enemy from a building. There was a huge explosion and Josiah went up to the top of the building to check on his SGT. That is when he was hit. We miss Josiah every second of every day. We find peace in knowing that he was where he was supposed to be, doing what he was suppoesed to be doing. (He told me that several different times). As our daughter said, "Mom he could have died in some tragic way, but he didn't....he died a HERO!" We'll miss you until forever, Josiah.

from his Mom


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