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SPC Jonathon David Hall

3/187th Rakkasans 101st Airborne
US Army

SPC Hall's Act of Heroism

My son Jonathon was a Combat Medic for the 101st Airborne stationed at Ft. Campbell Ky.
He loved being a Medic and had a heart of gold...He loved helping his fellow soldiers and was there for them everyday....He was deployed to Afghanistan in February of 2010 and was killed in April of 2010. Not only did he help his fellow soldiers but treated the Afghan people as well. He went on patrol with his unit every day....he was really sick the day he was killed but he chose to go on patrol with them anyway....the MRAP he was in ran over an IED that was detinated by an insurgent...Jonathon was the only one killed in the vehicle....The unit's only Medic....

My Hero

Jon had a tender caring heart and always had been one to want to help other people...He chose to be a Medic so he could help more people...he wanted to be a part of other soldiers sacrifices to defend our country. He chose to join and wanted to make the ultimate sacrifice of serving his fight alongside his fellow soldiers.


When my son Jonathon was killed, even thought he was brain dead the Army kept him on life support and sent to Landstuhl Germany so that Jon's sister, his Dad and myself his mother could come to Germany to say goodbye to him. We had one day with him before they had to remove him from lifesupport as he had requested to be an organ donor if he had died.... All of his organs given stayed in Germany...His heart went to a 21yr. old young man, his lungs saved the life of a 42 yr. old, his liver was split and given to a 6 month old baby boy, the other half of his liver went to a 49 yr. old man, his left kidney went to a 32 yr. old woman, his right kidney went to a 27 yr. old Jon continues to live on in the lives of these people...his heart still beats, his lungs still breathe....

Jonathon Hall

A roadside bomb and all is gone
What happened to my soldier Jon?
Life's fragile gift it stood to claim
Now all I'm left , is mourning and pain.

Why my son? Is all I feel
Surely this, can not be real
I'll wake up and twill all be o'er
Till I find my heart, still aching sore.

Memories and photos area all that's left
Families and friends, acquaintance bereft
This sorrow knows not who to blame
Who killed my son, what is his name?

Machines today, will be turned off
It's then the enemy will come to scoff
Of all that now, will never be
So that you, too, could be free

But death, my enemy, you do not know
His life's a seed, my Father will sow
To remain a witness to many men
In that last day, it's we who win!!

Written by a dear friend to me
Her name is Carol McKinney


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