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Spc Matthew Curtis Frantz

1st Special Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Divis Unit's Base: Fort Campbell, KY
US Army

Spc Frantz's Act of Heroism

My son Matthew along with three other soldiers with the 101st Airborne Division were killed and one was injured when a roadside bomb exploded near their Humvee on January 20, 2006.

My Hero

My son volunteered for the Army and was proud to serve. HE IS MY HERO


February 01, 2006
Today I am here to honor my brother Matthew. My brothers and I have been through a lot together. We have fought with each other, as brothers do, we have cried and laughed as brothers. Each of us has had some unique quality that sets us apart from one another but brings us together. My brother Matt had what I like to call, “The Voice” He was the Voice of my family. From when he was a little boy to when he became a man, he was quick to tell you that our last name was pronounced Frantz not France. He didn’t care how big you were, he would let you know that. His voice, would light up a crowd, his voice had a voice of compassion, that if you asked for it, he would give you the shirt off his back.
His voice flocked little kids at Sunday school, my brother loved my son very much. He used to pick my son Gavin upside down and my son would just laugh. Although he did not know him for that long he always smiled when he saw him.
Matthew found love. He found love with a woman named Amalia. She was able to understand Matthew that few of us in this room today would be able to know.
My brother got some colts games tickets when he was in Iraq, and surprised my dad with them, when he got home.
He always helped our mother when she needed a ride to the grocery store. See that is the way brother was, a compassionate man, that knew he wanted to be a soldier from childhood. He knew that this would be is destiny. He knew that our country needed him. He never showed fear as he walked through that valley of darkness, because he knew that god and his Country his family were behind him.

My brother was killed in Iraq
My brother was meant to marry Amaila
My brother was supposed to spoil my son Gavin
My brother was going to be an officer in army
My brother was supposed to come home a day before Thanksgiving

But he didn’t, it is God’s plan, something that we will never know nor understand, until he makes this world right again. But I will tell you while we are on this earth together what I will tell you what he IS!!

My brother is a Hero
My brother is a man with the Voice that will carry though our minds until it is our time to go
My brother is smiling from Heaven saying to God, Mission Accomplished sir.

A Fallen Hero
Hard to Replace, not in our life will we ever be able to praise him and thank him enough;
In the Arms of heaven we will embrace their courage.

Specialist Matthew Frantz 101st Airborne Bravo company 1st Battalion, 1st brigade combat team; recipient of the Bronze Star, Purple Heart

Very Respectfully

OS2(SW) Christopher Frantz

Matt's Brother


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