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Corporal Scott Michael Vincent

2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion Company D
US Marine Corps

Corporal Vincent's Act of Heroism

Heroic Achievement- Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal(with combat distinguishing device V for Valor) On 8 April, in the face of heavy small arms and indirect fire, Corporal Vincent provided the calm and focus to inspire his men to repel the enemy attach on a United States Army convoy and secure a landing zone for a medical evacuation. On 10 April Corporal Vincents platoon came under heavy enemy small arms and rocket-propelled grenade and automatic machine gun fire. Corporal Vincent effectively engages multiple enemy targets, in buildings south of Al Karma, Iraq, allowing his platoon to breech and obstacle and maneuver out of the enemy kill zone.The medal we received Posthumous 3rd of September 2004.

My Hero

Scott was killed April 30, 2004 by a suicide car bomber. Scott did not have to go to Iraq on this deployment,he was due to get out of the Marines in 5 months when his unit was shipping out. He extended his time in the Marines to return with his unit, his brothers.


A letter from one of Scott's fellow Marines-
Scott had a tremendous effect on so many people through out his life, and his time in the Marine Corps was no different.For those of us that had the privilege of serving with Scott, his memories will endure for-ever.
My first introduction to Scott occurred as our unit was looking for a few experienced Marines to round out or detachment of Marines for an over seas deployment. Scott was just returning from deployment to Afghanistan and quickly put in the request to deploy again. Having never worked with Scott, I sought out his platoon commander from Afghanistan.Faced with judging a list of several of his Marines, he was adamant that Scott was the sort of Marine any unit would seek. I will for-ever remember his illustration of Scott's personality: while Scott was not necessarily the biggest or strongest man, if given the Herculean task to solely move a grand piano, he would unhesitatingly give one hundred percent and do everything he could to move that piano.
That image came to mind countless times in the subsequent years of serving with Scott. No matter the environmental conditions, the personal discomfort, or the physical and mental demands of the task, Scott would give his all and was a model for other Marines who might question their own fortitude.I never heard him speak poorly of another and was quick to lend a helping hand for the good of the team. He was absolutely committed to his work, and it was rare to see someone gain as much satisfaction from both challenging training exercises to the mundane task of garrison life. His superior performance as a Light Armored Reconnaissance Scout through numerous operational and training environments made him a natural choice to lead a team of scouts in his final deployment to Iraq.
He brought a smile to so many faces and was the type of Marine whose personality you wanted to around in tough situations. Whether on patrol in Iraq or merely cleaning out a Light Armored Vehicle for inspection, Scott would be dedicated to the task while keeping everyone engaged.
His contributions to the Nation were invaluable and his contributions to his fellow Marines will for-ever be remembered.
Semper Fi...


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