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Pfc. Ian P. Dietrich

Avionics Technician School - Naval Aviation Tech Center, Millington, TN
US Marine Corps

Pfc. Dietrich's Act of Heroism

United States Marine Pfc. Ian P. Dietrich, a graduate of Upper Moreland High School, was stationed at the Naval Air Station in Millington, Tennessee when he was fatally shot on September 29, 1990. Dietrich, along with two other fellow Marines, was sitting in Jefferson-Davis Park in downtown Memphis, when they were approached by three men demanding money. One of the men pulled a gun and shot Dietrich in the head. Dietrich, at the young age of 19, was pronounced dead at the scene. The three criminals fled the scene, and were captured by the Memphis Police Department a few days later. In April 1992, the shooter was convicted by a Memphis jury and sentenced to the death penalty.

Dietrich is survived by two sisters, Danielle LaBarge-Judd and Chelsea Skurla.

My Hero

Although, Ian p. Dietrich was not killed in the line of duty. He was proud and honored to serve his Country as a United States Marine. Ian was unique individual, who had the ability to inspire others. He was a beloved son, brother and friend. Being a close friend of Ian, I find it only fitting to honor my friend by honoring this portrait to him. Ian’s death was a pivotal point in my life, inspiring me to be a United States Marine and Police Officer.

I will never forget him! Nor, will I let his spirit just fade away. I would love to be able to give his sister, Danielle this portrait of her big brother. She was only eight years old at the time his death and has very few photographs of him. Six years after Ian's death, Danielle lost both of their parents in motorcycle crash. The remaining items of Ian's, such as the American flag that covered his casket was taken by other family members (Aunts and Uncles), who she has limited to no contact with. The remaining family she has is her brother's friends, who vowed to be there for her. Please help me to provide her this gift.


Dan Covolesky, a close friend of Dietrich, found it only fitting to honor his friend by dedicating this portrait to his sisters, Danielle LaBarge-Judd and Chelsea Skurala. Dietrich’s death was a pivotal point in Covolesky’s life, inspiring him to be a United States Marine and Police Officer.

You weren’t supposed to leave that way, that wasn’t in the plan.
You weren’t scheduled to check out that day, so I’m trying to understand.
I’m guessing that unbeknownst to us, orders came down from above.
And just like you, without a fuss, you headed out of town.
You were never much for fanfare, just an easy going guy.
But when you checked out right there, I couldn’t even say goodbye.
So, believing you still hear me, I’ll say with a smile, I’m proud you served with me, even if for a little while.
And I know your arrival brought a cheer, from the Marines on heaven’s scenes. But your friends and family deeply miss you, especially your family the United States Marines.

Author: Unknown

Semper Fidelis, Ian!! WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!


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