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Sgt Joshua John Kirk

B Troop, 3-61st Cav, 4th Infantry
US Army

Sgt Kirk's Act of Heroism

At 0600 0n 03 Oct 2009, COP Keating (located in the Nuristan Province, Afghanistan) came under a complex attack by enemy forces estimated at 400 fighters. The enemy fighters occupied the high ground of all for sides of the COP and initiated the attacke with concentrated fire from a number of sources including RPG's and small arms. Sgt Joshua J. Kirk displayed heroic action while maneuvering and attempting to secure COP Keating's entry control point. Sgt Kirk maneuvered to the COP's ECP under heavy enemy firefrom dominating positions elevated on the north face above the the COP. At the ECP tower, Sgt Kirk pulled PFC Davidson from the turret, as the position was surpressed and inoperable, and he set up an alternate machine gun position to attempt to regain fire superiority. Still under fire, Sgt Kirk called in an indirect fire mission on the north face overlooking the COP; he was receiving heavy fire from this location as well as from a very well protected machine gun nest approx 100m to his front. Sgt Kirk identified it as the location that was hitting the ECP with an overwhelming number of RPG's, understanding that without destroying the position he would be unable to hold the ECP. Fully understanding the threat and cognizant of the risk of loss of life, Sgt Kirk attampted to fire an AT-4 into the machine gun nest and destroy it. While attempting to destroy the Taliban RPG position, Sgt Kirk was struck by an RPG and killed in action. His actions and reports allowed the FSO to call in CCA/CAS to destroy the northern enemy fighting position, allowing a counter-attack to retake the ECP.

My Hero

Josh was considered a leader by anyone that ever knew him and he genuinely cared for the men he he served with. Joshua genuinely cared about his men. One of his men, Blake Jones, became very close to Joshua. Shortly before they deployed together he called Blake's father and assured him that Blake would never be more than a few feet away from him and he would get him back home safe.
Blake had this to say in his eulogy for Joshua. "He earned the nickname "Combat Kirk" because whenever it was time to do business he suited up and acted like he could beat Rambo in anything...just seeing the smile on his face when he shot his 203 was priceless. You could tell he loved every minute of it. I would follow that man straight to hell if he thought it was a good idea...he would give his life for any one of us. He was a true hero."

In one of Joshua's last e-mails to the family he said in part, "I always think the friends we lose will forever be the heroes to us. They will forever be the best of any of us." His family couldn't agree more.

Joshua will forever be in our hearts as the best of all of us....always loved, always remembered, always and forever, our true American hero.


This is a portion of one of the last letters that Josh wrote:

"I always think the friends we lose will forever be the heroes to us. They will forever be the best of any of us. When I get back off this tour I will be heading to Texas to visit the grave of my buddy Jason. They dedicated a baseball field to him as well. Last tour I received an ARCOM-V (army commendation medal) for valor which I will be leaving with him in Texas. Will be in touch, Josh”

Yes indeed Josh, you have touched us all with your life in such a way that none of us will ever be the same again. You always were our hero and now will forever be a hero to so many others. You are deeply missed every day, always loved and never forgotten.

Mom, your sisters Jessica, Johnna, Jennifer, Jocelyn and your brother Josiah


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